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Bel-Ray’s first product was a specialty lubricant manufactured for Nabisco for use in high-temperature bakery ovens. This launched the company’s Industrial Division. The company’s goal: to provide industrial customers with new, inventive products that offered optimum performance and measurable value..

Expansion into Mining and Powersports

In the late 1960’s, they recognized the need for premium quality, extreme-endurance lubricants to extend equipment life in the mining industry. In the company’s state-of-the-art laboratory they came up with the first pumpable lubricant for large walking draglines. With that creation, the Bel-Ray Mining Division was born.

The 1970’s brought the firm’s expansion into the Powersports market. Its line of performance-enhancing, wear-resistant oils and greases for motorcycles and other high-speed bikes offered ground-breaking innovation. Bel-Ray built a strong presence in that arena and became a well-known sponsor in the motocross racing circuit.

Innovations and Growth

New technologies soon led to the creation of an extensive line of non-toxic, food-grade lubricants. These were designed for “clean” industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics processing. Through continued research and field-testing, Bel-Ray further expanded with its ranges of biodegradable mining and industrial lubricants. Specialized eco-friendly marine products followed, increasing their market base. Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, Bel-Ray developed an Environmental Carbon Management (ECM) system to reduce energy usage and the release of greenhouse gases.

Bel-Ray lubricants have serviced submarines, weathered chilling arctic cold, defied harsh desert dust and heat, raced to championships wins and even travelled to the moon.

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