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Royal Purple

The Performance Oil That Out Performs.

Industrial Greases & Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants to cover a wide range of applications, these offer extreme protection, especially useful in applications that involve high cost of failure such as Offshore, ROV & wind & sea power generation etc. The range includes Hydraulic oils, compressor oils, barrier fluids, food grade oils, wire rope lubricants, engine oils, gearbox oils, two stroke oils, industrial chain lubricants octane boosters and much, much more.
Bel-Ray is a leading specialty lubricants company to the Mining, Industrial and Power sports industries. Offering a wide range of products, Bel-Ray compliments the Royal Purple lubricants to virtually cover all possible applications from food grades to mining equipment lubricants. A particular strength is the range of specialist greases. Bel-Ray offers both synthetic & non-synthetic lubricants
To further compliment the range of lubricants that Advanced Lubricant Solutions can offer ISEL produces high specification, often bespoke to application grades of industrial lubricant to meet virtually every industrial application. With particular strength in compressor lubricants, specialist hydraulic oils and heat transfer fluids ISEL can offer low volume blending solutions. Offering this bespoke service allows us to offer solutions to problem equipment without having to purchase large volumes.
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